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About Charles Phillips

Photographer Charles Phillips enjoys the process of taking photos to record the light and color of nature’s canvas and to preserve western traditions for future generations. He specializes in western and nature photography, as well as photojournalism. His work has been featured in New York’s Kodak Times Square Gallery, on national TV news, and in national and international magazines. Phillips’ work has also been in the National Day of the Cowboy and National Geographic publications. His work was selected by the California State Senate for the 2011-2012 Art collection/show as a unique California artist. Locally, his photographs are on exhibit at the downtown Mariposa’s Sierra Artists’ Gallery.

Phillips serves on numerous not-for-profit boards, which include the Mariposa County Arts Council, Mariposa Butterfly Festival, Go West Festival, Mariposa County Fair, and Sierra Nevada Geotourism. He is active in supporting other local community groups with fundraising and as a volunteer

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Mariposa Sierra Artist Gallery


 Mariposa Company Store 5025 Highway 140 Mariposa,ca      



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